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Books by Eva DeMoan & E.D. Moans

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Daddy's Little Slut by E.D. Moans #DaddyKink #erotica

  Spying on JT was wrong. Yet, I couldn't make myself stop. I wanted him. Needed him. Then he catches me... Makes me call him "Daddy." Then gives me the biggest orgasm ever. Now I'm Daddy's Little Slut, and I want more... WARNING: Daddy's Little Slut is an age-gap Daddy Dom short erotica with no plot and minimal character development. If you're looking for "romance" or a storyline, this is NOT it! Get it for $0.99 at Amazon or read for free in Kindle Unlimited SNEAK PEEK - ADULT CONTENT Copyright 2022, E.D. Moans “You’ve been a naughty girl, Sonja. Whatever shall I do with you?” JT asked, his eyebrow arched. His gaze skimmed over me and I realized my breast and pussy were both exposed. I reach for the hem of my nightie and he stopped me. “No. Don’t cover yourself.” I panted, both turned on and self-conscious. My clit pulsed with need, and I wondered if he could see how slick I’d gotten from imaging him fucking me. “How many times have you hi

FREE Books & More #erotica #eroticromance

  Nearly 30 dark and twisted romances in this limited promotion.  #KindleUnlimited  Nearly 30 FREE books in this erotic romance/erotica promotion.  Both offers end May 30, 2022

*NEW* Possibilities by Kira Stone #LGBTQ #Erotica #DarkFantasy #BDSM

  Choices... Neal dives into a secluded pool hoping to find release for his aching body and his troubled mind. Instead, he finds Saul. The scribe is everything Neal could dream of -- and yet he knows he dares not pursue his desires, for Saul is a Scribe. Saul wants Neal, but not in servitude. Even a slave can make choices, and Neal chooses to make love to the man who opens his mind -- and his heart. Available in #KindleUnlimited Amazon EXCERPT All rights reserved. Copyright ©2010 Kira Stone Moonlight strokes the rocks and vegetation bracketing the waterfall with its ghostly fingers. Crystal clear water tumbles from one shallow pool to another, tugged down by gravity's inexorable grip. Flowers bend in the gentle breeze, and nocturnal creatures add to nature's nightly chorus as they go about their lives. It is perfect. It is peaceful. It is a place where possibilities are born... although it would take me some time to realize it. Although I've travelled past this location man

NEW in #KindleUnlimited - Teacher's Pet (Darkville High Erotica) by Eva DeMoan #monsters #erotica #spanking #bondage

  Teacher's Pet (Darkville High Erotica) #Bondage #Spanking #Monsters #Erotica #ForcedConsent #Exhibitionism NEW IN KINDLE UNLIMITED! Chaos. Pain. Destruction. It's all anyone knew after the rift opened and monsters entered our world. The things of nightmares, horror stories. The beasts that hid in the night. They're all real, and they're here. When my parents moved us to Darkville and enrolled me at Darkville High, I knew I was to be sacrificed for their happiness. Now I have a choice… become the pet of a monster, or be cast out into the world, where survival isn't guaranteed. NOTE: Teacher's Pet was first offered in Kindle Vella. The content has not changed. This is a short erotica with very little plot or character development. Get it from Amazon   EXCERPT I stepped back into the hall and tried to make myself small. A female gargoyle walked past with her human toy on a leash. The boy was naked except for a leather collar around his neck, and his wrists wer